Gib after Nov 1918

Gib after Nov 1918 - 24 Class Sloop in the background is probably HMS DONOVAN - from Shipping Wonders of the World 1935-36

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  1. The Gib picture is interesting. In Nov 1918, the 11th Flotilla was based at Gib, consisting of HMS DONOVAN AND HMS ROCKSAND. In Nov 1919, only HMS DONOVAN remained at Gib, HMS ROCKSAND having been ordered home. Given the picture is vague on date but ‘after the Armistice’, it is post Nov 1918 and could be either ship. However, the ship appears to be port side on and the daz cam pattern matches that of HMS DONOVAN. HMS ROCKSAND had a different daz cam pattern. Conclusion – it is HMS DONOVAN.

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