M2004 HMS CARRON (1984 – 1993)

HMS CARRON at sea in the Solent


HMS CARRON [M2004] allocated to Severn Division RNR and commissioned as sea tender. River Class Minesweeper built by Richards, Lowestoft, 850 tons/890 tons full load; 47m loa; 10.5m beam and 3.1m draught. Propulsion by 2 Ruston 6RKC diesels 3,040 bhp, speed 14 knots. Crew 30.

More information at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River-class_minesweeper

See video below to see HMS CARRON at sea off Plymouth in 1991. The video also contains rare footage of the training of the splash target cox’n. ( In days of yon when preparing for a shoot, the greenest newest crew member would be invited to have the honour of being splash target cox’n. He was to sit on the towed splash target, steer it and indicate with flags how far off the shots missed him and to which side. In this case they got really modern and gave him a radio as well. Decent of them to check that his gear was properly waterproof!)

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