Flying Fox Association Constitution and Regulations

Object of the Association

The object of the Association is to provide regular social gatherings for personnel who are currently serving or have served in HMS Flying Fox in any capacity service or civilian.

Membership is also open to Ton Class Association Members and other persons with a suitable nautical background approved by the Committee.

Frequency and format of meetings

Normally four meetings a year will be held in the Warrant Officers & Senior Rates Mess in HMS Flying Fox. Guests are welcome at any meeting and on outings or lunches.

A payment from Association funds will be made to the Senior Rates Mess sufficient to cover the cost of bar staff and any other expenses incurred.


Admission to the premises of HMS Flying Fox will be by permission of the Commanding Officer, HMS Flying Fox and the rules and requirements may change at his discretion. Current rules current require a list of all expected attendees to any function to be available at the HMS Flying Fox Gate Office, and all attendees to carry photo ID (Driving Licence, Passport or similar) to be shown on demand by the Gate Security Personnel. Dependent on the security state prevailing, members may be required to assist security personnel on the gate for a short period during meetings.


The activities of the Association will be governed by a committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Officer. These officers will be appointed by those members present at the Annual General Meeting which will be held during the first meeting of a year.

The committee will consist entirely of non-serving members in order to maintain the Association’s independence from HMS Flying Fox activities.


The Association will maintain a website. The purpose of the website is to develop and maintain the history of Naval Reserves in the UK and Bristol in particular, curate members’ personal photographs and documents and to archive documents which may assist those interested in researching the Naval Reserves.

Areas of the website containing personal photographs and information will be only accessible to members of the Association.

The website will be maintained by a Webmaster under the direction of the Committee.


The Chairman is responsible for the conduct of affairs of the Association.

The Secretary is responsible for dealing with all correspondence, maintaining a membership list and also the distribution of email communications to Association members. As circumstances dictate, some of these tasks may be delegated to other Committee officers for convenience.

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting membership dues and settling expenditures. A ‘Treasurer’s Account’ in the name  “Flying Fox Association” has been opened. Two signatures from committee members are required on all cheques drawn. There will be an audit conducted annually during December by a suitably qualified independent person.

The Social Secretary will organise any social events and be responsible for investigating the feasibility of any social activities proposed by members. This role may be combined with that of Secretary should circumstances dictate that this would be of benefit to the Association and its Committee.


Enrolment and first year’s membership will be £5-00, thereafter annual membership will cost £5-00. To simplify accounting membership will be renewed on 1st January each year regardless of the month of joining.

Updated 31st January 2023