HMS EAGLET from a postcard

HMS EAGLE – 1862 arrived in Liverpool under tow from Spithead to become RNR Headquarters in Queens Dock in place of HMS HASTINGS. In 1904 Mersey Division RNVR formed. In 1905 the RNR returned to HMS EAGLE and the RNVR moved to Customs House (prior to this RNR had trained in seagoing cruises). In 1911 the RNVR returned to HMS EAGLE. 1914 – 1918 served as Flagship for SNO Liverpool. In 1918 she was renamed HMS EAGLET on launching of new carrier HMS EAGLE. In 1921 Mersey Division RNVR reformed and in 1926 classes marched to the new HMS EAGLET (HMS SIR BEVIS). In 1927 she was towed to Mostyn where she was destroyed by fire.

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