Welcome to the website of the Flying Fox Association

The FFA was formed in 1992 with membership open to all present and past personnel – RN, RNVR, RNR, RNXS – who have served in


Current membership stands at around 100 and ranges from ABs to Commodores. Overseas membership includes personnel living in Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, and France. We also have contact with around 50 Associates who, for many reasons, do not participate in FFA events

New members are always welcome and you are certain to find old friends and shipmates. Contact and joining details are on the website

We meet about 4 times a year with other events organised as required or suggested by members

The website is available to allow details of the FFA to be shared and to allow the large historical archive from HMS Flying Fox, Severn Division RNVR and RNR, and predecessors to be made available

John Beardsley CMEM(M) RNR (Retd), Chairman


Please note that membership of the Association is a requirement for access to certain areas of the website. See the ‘How to Join’ tab for details.  


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